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I have an override project for X.REC, which deploys smoothly on my development server. However I have issues deploying it on the test and prod server of my client.

The Ivy Server Version is on both cases 5.1.5 and the dependencies are all resolved. The validation of the IAR ends without errors or warnings. In the designer, there is everything right as well.

I tried to deploy over the existing PMV as well as on a new PM and PMV.

The following error appears:

alt text

Now I have no Idea what to do, or what causes the error. Thank you very much in advance!

asked 03.11.2015 at 09:08

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Marcel von Wyl
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The solution to my problem is, that there wor records left in the database from the old project. There were records in IWA_ProcessModel, IWA_ProcessModelVerion and most importantly ind IWA_TaskElement.

The deletion of the according elements also triggered some deletions on other tables as seen in the pictuer below:

alt text

After these deletions I was able to deploy the new project without any hassle.

Unfotunately I do not know, how exactly this problem arose. But in any case, I think the Ivy Team should investigate this issue, if somehow possible.

Long story short: on a PM deletion in the Ivy Admin, not all related records in the system database were deleted, which caused the problem in correlation with the changed process starts and/or task elements.


answered 03.11.2015 at 16:38

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Marcel von Wyl
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