If a user is ill or on vacation, how can we re-assign all of his existing tasks to another user ? What about the new taks that will be assign to him, can we automatically transfer those to another user ?

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i found that feature in jsfworkflow. But it does not seem to work. I've deployed JsfWorkflowUi.zip and when i click the add replacement button i got an error in the Chrome Developper Tools Console

Substitution.xhtml:15 Uncaught ReferenceError: addSubstitute is not definedSubstitution.xhtml:15 PrimeFaces.ab.oncoprimefaces.js?ln=primefaces&v=5.0.4-ivy:2 p.completejquery.js?ln=primefaces&v=5.0.4-ivy:25 bI.Callbacks.ijquery.js?ln=primefaces&v=5.0.4-ivy:25 bI.Callbacks.cd.fireWithjquery.js?ln=primefaces&v=5.0.4-ivy:25 cgjquery.js?ln=primefaces&v=5.0.4-ivy:25 bI.ajaxTransport.send.i

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absence management has 2 parts:

a, substitution: Sarah handles work of Thomas whenever he is on holiday

b, absence: date when the employee (e.g. Thomas) is on holiday

if both of these are set, then all tasks of Thomas are available for Sarah to handle them as if all of them would belong to her.

For these reasons (new) tasks do not have to be re-assigned. It happens automatically.

Please take a look at latest release of Axon.ivy Engine with Firefox or IE. Deploying JSF WorkflowUI during the creation of a new application will enable you to set up these features. It's a good idea to define an admin (permissions). She can even set absences for other people.


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What if Thomas breaks his legs (poor thomas) ? What happend to all his ongoing cases ? Is it possible for an admin to re-assign those ?

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Yes and No.

It's possible to re-assign any tasks (try ULC or JSF workflowUI tools, they offer even GUI to these functions)

and no, because it's better to do as said above, you don't have to re-assign these tasks. They are available for Sarah as soon as the Admin sets up a Substitution and an Absence for Thomas (admin can do it: special permissions). So when Thomas is back, he just removes his Absence, and all pending activities are back to him!

("ongoing cases": a case consists of one or more tasks. One task is normally done or not done. So all non done tasks will be available for Sarah).

(18.03.2015 at 09:17) Tamas KIS Tamas%20KIS's gravatar image
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