I would like to compare a project's ivy version to ivy engine's version. Are there any API-s which support it?

Thank you

asked 02.03.2015 at 11:03

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This should do it.

IProject project = WorkflowNavigationUtil
IIvyProject ivyProject = IvyProjectUtil

answered 02.03.2015 at 17:46

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Yes, it works and it returns "51902", but I'm using ivy engine 6.0.0 (I used Advisor.getAdvisor().getVersion() to get ivy engine's version). Project's version and engine's version are different, I need to compare their major version and they should be same. Do you have any other suggestions?

(03.03.2015 at 05:08) dolong dolong's gravatar image

The answer of HaraldWeber is basically good. The version of the current trunk is wrong yet, it will set just before the release. It's to be decided which will be the final version number (5.2 or 6.0)

tip: you may navigate from iProject to ivyProject also: ivyProject= (IIvyProject) pmv.getProject().getAdapter(IIvyProject.class); versionNumber = ivyProject.getVersion()

So the 2 first digits of the Engine (e.g. "6.0" -> "60" ) should be greater or equal to the first 2 digits of the project version number. (e.g. 51902 -> "51") then your Engine is not older than the project.

In fact the engine contains some other validators which help to prove if a project is acceptable to be deployed or not. (e.g. Java classes are built)


answered 04.03.2015 at 16:53

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Tamas KIS
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The project must have the same version as my Engine. My Engine is latest trunk (5.2 or 6.0) but the project version is "51" (up to date, should be "52" or "60"). In this case, if I compare the version between Engine 5.1 and the project for Engine trunk, they are same versions (51), actually the project should be newer than Engine 5.1.

(05.03.2015 at 05:15) dolong dolong's gravatar image

this discussion goes quite technical.

The Engine has to accept older projects and projects from the same version, but not newer than itself. The rest of validators will say if the project is too old (incompatible).

(05.03.2015 at 11:39) Tamas KIS Tamas%20KIS's gravatar image
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