In the documentation of Ivy File (emphasis mine)

A File object can be used to read/write temporary or persistent data. IvyScript Files are created in a confined area that belongs to the running application. Temporary files are created in a session-specific file area and are automatically deleted if a session ends. Temporary Files can be made persistent.

If a temporary File is created, it will be located at {app}/files/sessions/{sessionId}/. The files then will be deleted if the session is invalidated.

Unfortunately, this isn't true for temporary files created by SYSTEM user. The SYSTEM user's session is always have the id of 0, hence all files created in SYSTEM user's session will be located at {app}/files/sessions/0/.

It seems that Ivy Server will never invalidate SYSTEM user's session, thus all files located in the directory will by left there undeleted (same as persistent file).

I don't know whether this is a known fact as a consequence of the implementation that SYSTEM user will never be invalidated or it should be considered (somehow) as a bug?

Thanks for considering my question.


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Genzer Hawker
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Since version 5.0.12 and 5.1 all temporary files are deleted when you restart the engine. This is also true for the System User Session.


answered 29.09.2015 at 16:50

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Reto Weiss ♦♦
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It is true that the SESSION User Session will never be invalidated and therefore the temporary files created within this session are never going to be deleted.

The only problem with this behaviour that I can see currently is that the disk is filled with garbage and may lead sooner or later to a full disk error.

At the moment we do not know any customer that this behaviour had caused a full disk error.

A possible solution could be to delete the files during startup or shutdown of the Server.

If it is a problem for you please report an issue to SoreConnect or per mail to


answered 16.01.2015 at 13:19

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Reto Weiss ♦♦
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I'll contact then, thanks for the suggestion. Do you consider to update the document warning the developers to be aware of the problem raised by my question?

(16.01.2015 at 17:57) Genzer Hawker Genzer%20Hawker's gravatar image
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