Java UI's do have a nice feature called look and feel with which I can change the look and feel - thus the name ;-). Which look and feels do you support in which version?

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In all current releases we supported the following Look and Feels:

  • Synthetica
  • The Xpert.Line Look and Feel (since 4.3)
  • The default Java Look and Feels like Metal, Plastic, Windows and so on
  • The new Nimbus Look and Feel from Java 1.6.10
  • JGoodies Look and Feels

Now we decided for a change. As far as we know, nobody is using one of the three bottom Look and Feels. This is why from this point on we drop the support for Look and Feels that are not based on Synthetica. The Xpert.Line Look and Feel is Synthetica based too, so this will still be supported.

Now, what does drop support exactly means? It means that you will still be able to use those Look And Feels. We simply will not fix or solve any problem caused by non supported Look And Feels.

Now, what does from now on exactly means? It means with the next hotfixes (5.1.3, 5.0.17 and 4.3.26) we will not support the default, Nimbus and JGoodies Look and Feels.

Please contact us immediately if you are already using a Look and Feel that we dropped the support.


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