Several customer ask to remove Java 7 and install Java 8 on their desktops.

Is it officially supported with Ivy 5.0/5.1 applications ? Do issues have already been identified?

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Complementary information

We can encounter display defects with Java 8 and Intel HD 4000 graphic card.

I have submitted a bug report to the Java bug database and talked to an Oracle member. See report: Many display defects with Java 8 and Intel HD card.

It result that to avoid annoyances we have to apply the following JVM property:


For JNLP applications, use Java Control Panel to add this option:

  1. Open Java Control Panel, javacpl.exe, or click Configure Java in the Start menu.
  2. Click Java tab.
  3. Click View button.
  4. Double-click the cell under Runtime Parameters in the row which corresponds to the installed JRE
  5. Type the option: -Dsun.java2d.d3d=false
  6. Press Enter to finish editing.
  7. Click OK to confirm the changes.
  8. Click OK to close Java Control Panel.

This way, the option should be passed to the JRE which runs JNLP application.

Unfortunately, setting the property in the jnlpconfig.any of the Ivy Engine, as below, does not work.

 /java {
   /java-vm-args {
      /sun.java2d.d3d  false

The good news is, as commented in the bug report:

"Upgrading to the latest driver sometimes helps. For 8u40 we have disabled D3D on Intel. Performance may suffer but it should look right."

If the next version of Java 8 will automatically disable D3D in presence of Intel HD, there is no need to change anything on client systems. To be confirmed.


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Yes, Java 8 on client side is supported with the latest ivy update releases.

Basically, all required changes have already been done while making ivy ready for Java 1.7.51. Nevertheless, it's always a good decision, to test all the RIA-applications on a prototype-client with Java 8, before rolling it out in the whole company!


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Thanks Dominik

(11.11.2014 at 15:18) A1234 A1234's gravatar image

The release notes mention only Java 1.7 (this is also what the Compiler Level says). How could Java 8 be 'enabled'? ReleaseNotes


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The entry in the release notes means that we compile and deliver Ivy with Java 1.7. This causes that you can neither compile nor run Ivy projects or code that runs within Ivy with a Java version smaller than 1.7. On the other hand you can always execute Java code with a higher Java version than it was compiled for. So, execution of rich dialogs with Java 1.8 is possible, we tested it and it works. Unfortunately we cannot test every single little detail of our code, which means that in specific situations there might be a problem.

(25.11.2014 at 08:48) MichaelDänzer ♦ MichaelD%C3%A4nzer's gravatar image

Yes, luckily Java is backward compatible :) I rather wanted to know how to use the Java 8 features on server-side... Not to be forced to use an old API-level for actual development (as Java8 was already released before the new Ivy Version was). Or when is a Hotfix planned to support Java 8?

(28.11.2014 at 08:59) beatjost beatjost's gravatar image

UPDATE 6-mar-2015

We can confirm after installation of Java 8u40 today that the visual issue with Intel graphic card has disappeared as promised by Oracle in their bug report.


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