What are tags and how should I use them?

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Tags are short keywords that describe a Q&A entry to find it later. A tag contains no spaces. We will keep the number of tags small, so that we always have a good overview of the tags and can manage them. Therefore always try to use only existing ones. Only create a new tag if it really makes sense and you are sure that this tag will have multiple entries in a short time. The Q&A starts with a set of pre-defined tags. Below some examples, how (we think) tags can be used. Note that the pre-defined and more general tags describe the Q&A entry good enough so that no new tags must be created as it brings no more benefit. Especially when the Q&A entry is described with multiple tags.

Tag example:

  • Configuration

Use it for all questions related to any configuration in Xpert.ivy. It does not depend if the configuration is for Logging, E-Mail, Webservice, HTTPS or Cluster configuration. It is always a configuration.

  • RichUserDialog

The tag RichUserDialog contains all questions about the Rich User Dialog (ULC). Currently we do not have sub-tags for the RichUserDialog area. So if the question is related to a specific widget, just write the name of the widget (e.g. RTable) into the title. So we do not have to create a tag for each widget. But still everybody will find your question . Or if the question is related to the process-logic of a RichUserDialog then tag the question with the tags "RichUserDialog " and "Process" too.

  • HtmlUserDialog vs. WebDevelopment

We have created two separate tags for the web development. The tag HtmlUserDialog addresses more specific questions about the implementation of a HtmlUserDialog in Xpert.ivy. The tag WebDevelopment adresses questions which do not have a direct relation to Xpert.ivy, e.g. "Layout problems with CSS", or something about "useful browser plugins"...


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